Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a pilot before I attain the age of 18?
You can start and complete the full course of theoretical and flight training. However, you will receive a Certificate at the age of 18.
Can we have a look at the airport and airplanes?
Yes. Dolna Banya Airport is a private property with restricted access and 24 hour security. Regarding to the activity of the company everyone can have a look around – take photos , etc.
How much time the course takes?
Everything depends on you, your free time, ambitions and weather conditions. The normal duration for standard workload at a convenient time for you and a little luck with the weather is 2 months.
Can you fly during the winter season?
In suitable weather conditions the flight in winter days should not be missed!
Can I as a private pilot do business flights?
No. To do any flying activity in return for payment is required to have a professional pilot license / CPL /.
Can I go where I want with a private or rented aircraft?
Yes. It is on your own responsibility to go to an airport or your chosen site. It is enough to have fulfilled the requirements of the organization for implementation of flights and to have a flight plan.
Can I fly with light aircraft to Greece?

Yes. It is enough to cover the following requirements:

  • the airplane must be registered and equipped with a transponder;
  • the pilot must have a license and pass a course in CAA for aviation speech;
  • received permission to land in the designated country / airport;
  • take off from an international airport
Can I land from a country in Europe directly on your airport?
No. you must first land in an international airport with secured customs and border control. Then you can fly freely and to land wherever you want, after filing a flight plan. When leaving the country the same rules are applied (take off from an international airport).
Can I fly an aircraft with bulgarian registration with a foreign license?
No. You must pass “Validation of License” course consisted of 7 theoretical and 3 flight hours. IF you have a JAR-FCL license you don’t have to pass the validation course.
Can I fly abroad with pilot license, acquired in Bulgaria?
Since 2004. Bulgarian civil aviation is a member of the JAA and licenses are valid anywhere in the world. Of course, each club or airport authorities may wish to check your skills in advance.